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  • 1.【Vac & Seal and Seal Only】There are two modes Vac Seal and Seal only function, Vacuum sealing removes air, keep the food from freezer burn, mold, and spoilage. Food sealer machines can seal fruits, grain, vegetables, cheese, bread, and so on, which will make your life healthier and more convenient.
  • 2.【Plug and Play】 Easy to operate, Open automatic food saver and put the bag into the vacuum chamber, When the red light tums green again sealing is completed and ensure your safety. With the food saver machine with one touch you can seal only or vacuum and seal your bags..
  • 【Versatility & Convenience】not just for food, it can be used to store Use your vacuum sealer to store liquids and creams when you travel, protect important papers or photographs from mildew or possible water damage or something like this..
  • 4.【Portable and Lighweight】Compact size and lightweight design are easy to store and move around.
  • 5.【Safety And Noise-Free】: The food saver vacuum sealer machine is safer and cleaner, and there is almost no noise during the sealing process, which will not affect you and the people next to you.Support a variety of line bag sealing..
  • Imported from USA.

Use Tips:

1. In order to get a better vacuum sealing effect, please do
not put too much food in the vacuum bag(No more than 3/4 of the
max volume lease make sure that the end of the bag is put in the
vacuum chamber( between the upper gasket and lower gasket)

2. Please use specially designed food vacuum bags. When vacuum
sealing, please make the smooth side of the vacuum bags face up.

3. After powering, please warm up for 30 seconds and then use
it. After each vacuum sealing or sealing only operation, let the
vacuum packaging machine rest for 1-2 minutes before performing
the next operation. Note: If the sealing operation is too
frequently performed In a short time, the vacuum bag may melt
because of the higher temperature.

4. Do not wet the open end of the bag. Wet bags may be
difficult to melt and seal tightly.

5. Clean and flatten the open end of the bag before sealing.
Make sure nothing is left in the open area of the bag, no wrinkle
or creases should appear on the open panel, foreign objects or
creased bags may cause difficulty to seal tightly.


1* Vacuum Sealer

1* Manual instruction

1*Power Cable

15* Vacuum Bags


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